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AdhLending Payday Loans Apply Now For Your Cash

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Are you currently in the monetary combine? Do you experience feeling like you need a little money to pay for all your monthly bills? Effectively, check out the valuables in this informative article and see whatever you can discover then you can think about acquiring a payday advance. There are several recommendations that comply with that will help you determine if payday loans will be the appropriate decision for you, so be sure you read on.
When thinking about a payday advance, although it can be luring make certain not to use over you can pay for to pay back. For instance, once they permit you to borrow $1000 and put your car or truck as equity, but you only will need $200, credit too much can cause losing your vehicle in case you are not able to repay the whole financial loan.
Payday cash loans are just like partners they are limited to 1 every man or woman except when you wish to get into severe issues. Don’t take out payday cash loans with numerous creditors. You may wind up piece of art yourself in to a part, unable to pay back the amount of money, regardless of your income.
You need to understand the stipulations from the bank loan just before borrowing funds. Cash advance companies require that you earn income from your reputable resource consistently. It is important that they are aware it will be easy to repay the cash.
When evaluating a payday loan, usually do not select the initial company you find. Alternatively, assess as numerous charges that you can. While many organizations will only charge a fee about 10 or 15 percent, other people might charge a fee 20 or even 25 %. Do your homework and look for the least expensive business.
Should you not know significantly about a cash advance however they are in desperate demand for one particular, you might want to consult with a personal loan expert. This could be also a colleague, co-worker, or loved one. You would like to actually will not be receiving ripped off, and that you know what you are actually getting into.
In order to have a pay day loan, ensure you are sure concerning the contract. There are a few ripoffs associated with unethical payday cash loans that will subtract funds from the lender on a monthly basis underneath the guise of any monthly subscription.
Make certain you tend not to get sucked in never ending food items cycles. Will not get one more cash advance to assist you pay money for the very first personal loan. This is a hazardous trap to get into, so make everything it is possible to to prevent it. You will recognize that you can actually get stuck within this period should you not take action to put a stop to it. That turns into a very pricey situation.
For those who have got an emergency, your initial organizing stage needs to be figuring out how to prevent getting into that kind of condition once more. By no means make your supposition that is going to be ok because situations are great today. You should reimburse the loan.
When you find yourself considering getting a pay day loan, ensure you will pay it back in just on a monthly basis. When the amount you require is higher than what you are able reimburse at the establish working day, it is advisable to examine other ways. Quick-term lending options for relatively reduced amounts of funds do not possess to be payday cash loans. Look through option possibilities before you decide to choose a payday financial institution.
By no means rely on pay day loans to get you salary to paycheck. If you find yourself in deep economic problems, take some time to evaluate your needs and have credit counseling if necessary. Most people are made to file for bankruptcy from abusing payday loans. The simplest way to avoid this really is to never ever consider one out.
Understanding the specifics about payday loans will help you make your right decisions on them. Utilize the suggestions laid out in the following paragraphs, and you will definitely make choices that assist you in getting from your fiscal rut. Relax through the approach, and it is possible to have yourself way back in very good financial ranking.

Nov 27

Pay Day Loans: What You Need To Know

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In case you are in a situation where you are thinking about getting a payday loan you might be not by yourself. A pay day loan can be quite a good thing, if you use them correctly. To be certain, you may have every piece of information you should be successful in the cash advance procedure you need to see the write-up below.
When you find yourself trying to get a payday loan, there is a handful of various things that can see how much you obtain. The financing business will primarily review your cash flow and job position. The amount of money you get will also depend on which financial institution you plan to work with.
A wonderful way to choose your payday loan lender is to read through distinct testimonials from customers who, have tried that particular support prior to. You can get first hand information about how, the event functions. How each person feel about different loan providers. In that way you make the best selection feasible.
Though there are a variety of negatives connected with payday cash loans, the main positive is the cash can be deposited into the account the following day for fast access. This is important if, you will need the cash to have an unexpected emergency situation, or even an unpredicted costs. Perform some research, and browse the small print to make sure you understand the specific cost of your loan.
Know that you are providing the cash advance use of your individual banking info. That is certainly great once you see the financing put in! Nonetheless, they will also be creating withdrawals out of your account. Ensure you feel at ease having a company getting that sort of entry to your banking accounts. Know can be expected that they will use that entry.
Fees that are associated with pay day loans incorporate a lot of kinds of costs. You will have to find out the fascination sum, charges costs and in case you will find software and handling service fees. These costs may vary involving diverse lenders, so make sure to consider diverse lenders before signing any agreements.
Select your recommendations sensibly. Some cash advance organizations require that you brand two, or three referrals. They are the men and women that they may contact, if you find a difficulty and you also cannot be arrived at. Be sure your personal references can be achieved. Furthermore, make sure that you inform your referrals, that you are making use of them. This will aid these to count on any telephone calls.
Using a payday advance, expect a comparatively high payment in exchange for quickness and ease. You will definately get your hard earned dollars faster than you might coming from a bank, but the service fees could add up. Pay back the loan immediately and get away from going it around to the next check.
When you are thinking of obtaining a cash advance, make sure that you possess a strategy to have it paid back right away. The financing business will provide to “help you” and expand your loan, if you can’t pay it off straight away. This extension costs a payment, plus extra attention, thus it does nothing at all good for yourself. However, it earns the money business a nice earnings.
Lots of people make your blunder of attempting to seal their banking accounts so they can run away from repaying the pay day loan company. Even though this may seem attractive, do not do that. The business can sue you if you that, and you will probably end up being dragged via courtroom and owing considerably more than you would probably have if you paid for them back again legitimately.
Should you be self-employed and trying to find a pay day loan, fear not because they are nonetheless available. Given that you probably won’t possess a spend stub to exhibit proof of work. Your best bet is usually to deliver a duplicate of your own tax return as evidence. Most lenders will still provide you with a personal loan.
Because there are generally extra fees and terminology hidden there. Lots of people make the mistake of not carrying out that, and they end up owing considerably more compared to what they loaned in the first place. Always make sure that you realize fully, anything at all that you are currently signing.
You now know the advantages and disadvantages of stepping into a payday advance deal, you happen to be much better knowledgeable about what specific issues should be considered before you sign on the bottom series. When utilized wisely, this premises may be used to your advantage, consequently, tend not to be so swift to low cost the opportunity if emergency funds will be required.

Nov 18

Salt Is a Flavorful Yet Dangerous Ingredient

The danger of high levels of sodium in the body

Staying away from foods with sodium is necessary when it comes to maintaining your health. Salt is the most used seasoning and the most dangerous one as well.

Watching your salt is a challenge because it might seem like you are making a compromise between taste and your health.

Although a necessary nutrient a tiny amount of sodium is all that the body requires. Unfortunately, many people have many servings of it daily.

You can strike a good balance if you explore other seasonings as an alternative to this tasty seasoning.

Sodium in food

You can’t eat anything today that doesn’t have salt added to it. Apart from being a major ingredient, it also serves to make food taste delicious.

No one would ever want to eat anything that tastes bland or plain. And this is understandable because if what you eat is not tasty, you will not eat it.

But there is a line that needs to be drawn. Salt is used in excess in most cooking.

This is a problem that affects us all. Many processed food and fast food we buy is loaded with salt.

Its abundance in food is designed to make the product taste good so that people will buy more of it. But if you carefully read the labels of foods with sodium, you will notice that it is used very liberally.

This could be disastrous for your health. The Body is not designed to withstand such a high level of this white nutrient.

Risks to your health

Studies have shown that on average, people consume way more salt than is recommended. And this problem is not going away anytime soon. Salt is responsible for many health conditions that impact a large number of the population.

Effects of excess salt on our body:

  • High blood pressure/Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Can cause kidney stones and later kidney failure
  • Prevents the absorption of other nutrients such as Calcium and can lead to the loss of bone density/osteoporosis
  • Stomach lining is thinned and can lead to ulcers

Theses are only a some of the risks to your health excess salt in your body may bring.


You can take some measures to ensure you have a safe level of salt in your body:

  • Don’t eat fast food or any food that comes premade at restaurants
  • Read food labels and know the telltale sign of foods with sodium in excess (Very flavorful food)
  • Choose healthy alternatives to salt such as sea salt and other seasonings to make food taste better
  • Drink plenty of fluids especially water to flush out excess salt in your body
  • Exercise regularly to maintain optimal health
  • If you want to use salt in your meals, use it sparingly or keep it to a minimum
  • Eat fruit and vegetables as well as other healthy foods to keep your body in good health.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out excess salt and offset increased sodium levels within the body.

Nov 18

Traditional Healing Practices – Implications for Healthcare

According to the 2011 census, India is inhabited by 104 million people classified as tribals (i.e., ~8.6% of the country’s population) belonging to over 550 tribal communities and approximately 277 ethnic groups. Tribal communities have totally submitted themselves to the forest setting and as a result of living so close to nature have, over the years, acquired a unique knowledge about the use of local resources. Given they hold precious knowledge on the specific use of a large number of wild plants one could almost consider them as the real custodians of medicinal plants. There is a growing understanding of the pivotal role medicinal plants play in providing herbal remedies to health maladies. According to a study conducted by the All India Coordinated Research Project on Ethno-biology (AICRPE), over ten thousand wild plant species are reported to be used by tribals for meeting their primary healthcare as well as food requirements. Further, there are approximately eight thousand medicinal plant varieties utilised by over two million traditional healers for treating ailments of both humans and livestock. Traditional medicine bequeathed from generation to generation is rich in domestic recipes for common health ailments. The best known examples of traditional medicine, differing in concept and protocol, are well developed systems such as ayurvedic and herbal treatments that have been widely used to sustain human health, especially in tribal regions of India.

1. Bhokar/Shelti – cures kidney stones, diarrhoea and stomach problem

2. Karvand – A rich source of Iron, Phosphorus and Vitamin C

3. Pathari – For ichthyosis (scaling of skin), xeroderma (dry skin). The roots are crushed and the extract is used

4. Kadu kand – Well cooked bulb slices can be consumed to get relief from stomach ache whereas paste of heartwood is used to cure wounds

5. Tetu – It is administered to women to treat leucorrhoea and menorrhoea

Traditional Medicine – Links to Maternal and Child Health

Traditional medicine is critical and has contributed tremendously to the healthcare of both the mother and the child in tribal regions. Jawhar block in Palghar district, Maharashtra is a tribal block having rich biodiversity, especially rice varieties having specific characteristics and uses. The tribal farmers have cultivated diverse rice varieties for purposes such as food security, instant energy provision during peak workload and medicinal use. This wonderful diversity of rice has formed the basis of a nutritious and secure diet for the vulnerable groups of the tribal population, that is, mothers, pregnant and lactating women and young children.

Various ongoing studies conducted by the NGOs such as BAIF Development Research Foundation in different tribal belts across Maharashtra found a number of rice varieties having specific medicinal properties and uses. For instance, one rice variety called ‘Mahadi’ has multiple health benefits; one of them is to cure weakness in women post pregnancy. Other rice varieties include Rajghudya and Kali Kudai (used to increase breast milk in lactating women); Kali Khadsi (for child’s growth and nutrition); Kasbai (used for nebulisation, which gives instant relief from cough) and Dangi (used for instant energy boost), among others.

Furthermore, traditional kitchens, serve as an in-house medical supply store. Tribal regions lack proper healthcare centres. Thus, most of the child deliveries take place at home and not in a hospital. The rate of institutional deliveries is slowly increasing but there is still a long way to go for this to become a rule, rather than an exception. Since most of deliveries take place at home, the traditional birth attendants play a major role in tribal regions. One of the practices performed by the birth attendants in villages is to use materials like cow dung as a disinfectant in the house that helps keep various diseases at bay. The various homemade medications, mostly herbal, for the mother and child are also prescribed predominantly. Restoring the mother to her original physiology is a challenge that the native healers often take up.

Habitat Loss – A Threat to Traditional Medicine

An impending threat to further proliferation of traditional medicine is the rampant loss of habitat. Unregulated harvesting of wild produce coupled with ecological degradation leading to extensive resource depletion and tribal landlessness (and even those who do have land are continuously losing their land to the government or private corporations) are some of the factors posing a grave and growing threat to the conservation of indigenous foods and traditional medicinal plants.

Furthermore, there has been a gradual erosion of indigenous varieties, especially rice biodiversity. Most of the indigenous rice varieties are being replaced by high yielding varieties. These high yielding varieties have not resulted in any spectacular increase in yield in this region. The majority of farmers, especially the resource-poor tribal farmers are not able to afford high quality expensive fertilizers which are normally recommended along with these varieties.

Tribal Healers – Traditional knowledge erosion and threat to livelihood

In addition to the above, there has been a gradual loss of practical knowledge about traditional medicine and healing practices in the tribal regions, during the past couple of decades. This has resulted in poor health status of the most vulnerable sections of the tribal population. Many factors contribute to this knowledge erosion. The most pressing issues pertaining to this knowledge erosion are: a) lack of incentives and recognition. For instance, scientists and researchers collect data and publish their studies but often fail to give the due recognition to the healers. Also, the ayurvedic and allopathic drug companies extract knowledge for research and development purposes, but do not usually share profits with the tribal healers; b) lack of proper documentation of knowledge regarding traditional healing practices; and c) broken intergenerational links (impacting dissemination of age-old knowledge and traditions from older generation to the younger generation), among others.

Tribal healers are known to use their own systems of healthcare with plant and animal extracts. However, in the recent past, factors such as aversion to follow the low income traditional healing practices; gradual shift to more lucrative alternate livelihoods; greater reliance on non-traditional healing practices and high degree of inroads by modern medicine, is threatening the traditional medicinal traditions to proliferate further. The native tribal healers are precious, but, still remain a neglected lot.

Traditional medicine is critical as well as cost-effective (in relation to hospital care) and ensures self dependency on healthcare due to enhanced reliance on the local biodiversity. It must be given the much needed boost.

Further, majority of the traditional healers lack legal authority to heal. Herbal healers need to be identified and honoured. These unsung heroes need to be brought into the fold of the formal healthcare system of India so that unhindered services are made available to the needy in the villages. Further, weeding out unqualified healers is equally important. These healers provide their services to the most interior and under-served tribal regions. Thus, appropriate regulations and government policy actions and support would help streamline traditional healing practices.

Nov 18

Chiropractic Adjustments May Lower Your Blood Pressure

We all know that having high blood pressure (BP) can lead to heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and other health problems and even death. The scary part about having high BP is that you can have it and not know it because there are no symptoms or signs to look for. About one in three adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure and one in five of them do not even know they have high BP.

You ask what causes the increase pressure in my circulatory system. Well, it can be hereditary, being overweight, not exercising, not eating healthy foods, too much salt, alcohol and/or caffeine, smoking and stress.

High blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. Over time, high BP can damage the body in many ways. Normal blood pressure is considered to be less than 120 the top number (systolic) over 80 the bottom number (diastolic).

George Bakris, M.D. a study leader did an eight-week study of 50 patients with early-stage high blood pressure. None of the 50 patients took any medicine for hypertension. Twenty-five of the patients had a special chiropractic adjustment while the other 25 patients had a different chiropractic adjustment. It was found that the 25 patients that had the special chiropractic adjustment had significantly lower BP. Dr. Bakris stated that this specific adjustment had the effect of two different blood pressure medications. He also stated that the patients experienced no side effects or problems from the special adjustment.

The Atlas (called this because it holds up the head) vertebrae known as the C1 vertebrae, which is the bone at the very top of the spine, was the one that was realigned on the 25 patients that had the special chiropractic adjustment. The study showed a drop in systolic pressure of about 14 mm Hg and on average 8 mm Hg drop in the diastolic pressure. Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr., D.C. was the chiropractor that performed all of the adjustments during the study. He considers the C1 vertebrae as the “fuse box” to the body. He mentioned that there are two centers at the base of the brain that control all the muscles in the body, if you pinch the base of the brain and the C1 gets locked in a position as little as a half a millimeter out of alignment, it upsets the centers, but doesn’t cause pain.

Don’t take a chance, get your blood pressure checked today. Many pharmacies have BP machines that you can use for free. Also, take time today to have your spine checked by a chiropractor and prevent damaging your health.

Nov 18

Avocado Benefits for High Blood Pressure

Avocados are notably high in calories but are also highly regarded for their high content of monounsaturated fats and potassium thus making it one of the most beneficial foods for combating high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries. The heart pumps blood into the arteries, which is the transportation highway responsible for distributing blood throughout the body. Blood pressure comprises of two numbers: Systolic, the first and higher of the two reflects pressure in the arteries when the heart beats and they are filled with blood, diastolic, the second number, measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart is at rests between beats. A normal blood pressure reading varies from 90/60 at birth to 120/80 in a healthy adult. For seniors age 6o and older a reading of 150/90 is an indication of high blood pressure (hypertension). It’s important to note that a reading slightly higher than 120/80 in young adults indicates a risk of developing pre-hypertension.

Having untreated high blood pressure makes the heart work harder and contributes to hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). This in turn can lead to stroke, kidney disease, and to the development of heart disease. “Having high blood pressure puts you at risk of heart disease and stroke, which are leading causes of death in the United States. About 75 million American adults (32%) have high blood pressure-that’s 1 in every 3 adults. About 1 in 3 American adults has prehypertension” 1 A diet low in salt and high in vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products can help lower blood pressure. Highly valued for its blood pressure combating properties within the fruit family is the Avocado (aka. alligator pear) a fruit of the avocado tree native to the Western hemisphere.

Avocados are reputed to be high in fats, but since they are a plant food, the fat they contain is therefore considered an oil and not a solid fat. However it’s important to note that the majority of fat (77%) in the fruit is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. There is conclusive scientific evidence which points to the fact that diets rich in monounsaturated fats are great for improving your cholesterol and reducing inflammation thereby reducing the risks of heart problems and strokes. In fact “The American Heart Association recommends the consumption of MUFAs (monounsaturated fats) to improve your blood lipid profile.” “(Lipid profile or lipid panel is a panel of blood tests that serves as an initial broad medical screening tool for abnormalities in lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides.)” 2

Along with monounsaturated fats avocados are extremely rich in potassium (more so than bananas – Half a medium avocado contains 549 mg potassium, one medium banana provides 451 mg.). A diet rich in potassium helps regulate your heart beat, eases tension in your blood vessel walls, keeps muscles and nerves functioning efficiently, and lowers blood pressure by balancing out the effects of sodium on your system. The more potassium you eat, the more sodium is lost through urination. A high potassium diet can reduce systolic blood pressure 4.4 mm Hg and diastolic pressure 2.5 mm Hg.

To those who are averse to eating the avocado fruit the oil derived from it is a reliable alternative. A study done on lab animals and published by “Journal of Ethnopharmacology.” concluded that “a diet rich in avocado oils, altered levels of essential fatty acids in kidneys, resulting in changes in the way the kidneys respond to hormones that regulate blood pressure.” A tablespoon of avocado oil contains approximately 124 calories and 14 grams of fat (21 percent of the recommended daily fat intake), 9.9 of the 14 grams are monounsaturated healthy fat which lowers LDL ((Low Density Lipoprotein) ) cholesterol, while increasing HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) and 1.9 grams are polyunsaturated fat which lowers LDL and HDL. Avocados contain no cholesterol or trans-fat and are richer in vitamin E than any other fruit. The fats of the avocado are also resistant to heat-induced oxidation thus offering an excellent substitute for vegetable, canola oils and similar saturated or trans-fat products.

While extolling the health benefits of the avocado it is important to keep in mind that the fruit is high in calories (a cup of avocado slices contain approximately 234 calories) so the quantity being consumed must be taken into consideration. Also due to its high potassium content, persons with kidney related problems need to be extra careful in its use. Consult your healthcare professional to know if a diet supplemented with avocado is good for you.

Nov 18

How to Control High Blood Pressure – 5 Tips

The force with which the blood flows in your arteries is called blood pressure. A normal blood pressure is around 120/80 mmHg. If you have a cardiac problem, the force may get stronger and the blood will flow with more pressure in your veins. As a result, the higher pressure puts more stress on your heart and veins. This may cause damage to your heart. In severe cases, patients suffer from a heart attack because of high blood pressure. Therefore, it’s important that you control your blood pressure with the following home remedies.

Get moving

It’s a good idea to exercise for at least 30 minutes in the morning on a regular basis. This can bring the reading down by up to 9 mmHg. However, you should keep in mind that you should take a slow start and then keep on picking up the pace as well as the frequency of your workouts.

If you don’t want to join a gym, you can go for a swim, jog or a hike. Actually, what you need to do is get moving. Aside from this, you can give a go to doing pushups, and lifting weights.

Change your diet

If you follow a good diet, you can reduce your blood pressure by up to 14mmHg. Ideally, your diet should include whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Apart from this, you may want to try fish, nuts, lean meats and dairy products that are low in fat. The food that you should eliminate from your diet should be fatty meats, fatty dairy products and products that are high in fat. It’s also a good idea to avoid sweetened beverages like fruit punch and soda.

Use less salt

You may want to use salt sparingly to keep your blood pressure normal. When you use too much salt, your body retains liquid. As a result, your BP goes up. According to doctors, you should not take more than 1.4 grams of salt per day. In other words, the maximum amount of salt you can take is half a teaspoon in 24 hours. As an alternative to salt, you can use herbs and spices.

Control your weight

Your weight has a significant impact on your blood pressure. So, if you are overweight, losing even a few pounds like 4 kg can help a lot. Therefore, we suggest that you keep an eye on your waistline. Ideally, if you are a man, your waist should not measure more than 40 inches. On the other hand, the maximum allowance for women is 35 inches.

Lower your stress level

Since this is a fast-paced world, it is difficult to slow down and unwind for a while. Stress is a result of the never-ending daily chores. So, it’s important that you get some time off and reduce your stress. As a matter of fact, stress raises your blood pressure putting you at a higher risk of heart attacks.

Nov 18

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects

Anabolic steroids can have a lot of dangerous and less dangerous side effects. Many of them are reversible, ie the body goes back to its normal state after completion of the cure, but some are permanent and must be operated or you have to live with them throughout life. In the worst case, one can die. There are both physical and psychological side effects, where the mental effects are often underestimated.

It is very important to understand that the physical side effects are nothing compared to the mental. There are also many ways to prevent and to prevent adverse physical outcomes. But the psychological damage is not something you can do to prevent. Most have mental side effects to a greater or lesser degree. Begins with anabolic steroids during puberty is the chance for long-lasting psychological effects greatest.

How much side effects you get will also depend on the dose, duration of intake, and hereditary factors. Much can be avoided if you take the time to learn the most about what you intend to use. Remember that anabolic steroids are hormones, such as the improper use can damage you for life. For more info about the consequences of anabolic steroids, you should read the medical literature.

With that being said, statistics show that most anabolic steroids used at correct doses and over limited time spans have minimal negative consequences on a adult male body. As we all know the use of these substances are rampant in most professional sports.

Some physical and psychological conditions and other problems that can be obtained by the use of anabolic steroids:

-Enlarged heart, left ventricular hypertrophy
-Changes in cholesterol values
-Pimples, Acne / oily skin
-Stretch Marks
-Liquid and salt-retention
-Less Sperm In boys who have not reached puberty yet.
-Small testes Hair loss

Nov 18

ADHD and Supplements

It is startling to know that 3 to 7 percent of children in the US suffer from ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This means it affects over 2 million children in America, that is, one in every class of 25 would have ADHD. This condition is usually diagnosed in the pre-school and early school years. Children with these symptoms are unusually fidgety and restless. They could even have problems paying attention in school, waiting in lines or taking turns. Some children could be very aggressive. ADHD is usually diagnosed more in boys that girls, but that could be because girls tend to be quieter and less aggressive than boys. In girls it could manifest itself as talkativeness rather than aggression.

The U.S. Surgeon General has defined ADHD as a metabolic form of encephalopathy. The disease weakens the release and homeostasis of neurological chemicals, reducing the function of the limbic system. Other relevant research however points out that some part of the brain could be involved. These are the frontal lobes, their connections to the basal ganglia, the central aspects of the cerebellum and the middle or medial aspect of the frontal lobe.

Four types of ADHD types have been recognized. These are the Predominantly Inattentive, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive, and Combined Type of ADHD (hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive) and ADHD Not Otherwise Specified. As a person gets older, the symptoms of ADHD could reduce, but many children diagnosed with ADHD retain this disorder into adulthood too. It is then known as Adult Attention-Deficit Disorder or AADD. In adults, it manifests itself in the need to be physically busy all time, excessive talking, interrupting others, risk taking, speaking out without regard to the consequences and even daydreaming.

The research into the causes of ADHD has thrown up a number of issues. Primarily it seems that both genetic and environmental factors play a role in ADHD. Significantly, research has shown that many critical food deficiencies could cause the problem. These could be as varied as deficiency of essential Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin C, iron and even zinc. This suggests a role for suppmentation in the treatment of ADHD

Omega 3 deficiency may lead to behavioral problems that are linked with ADHD. Some ADHD children show other symptoms connected with Omega 3 deficiency, such as dry skin and hair, thirst and even frequent urination. Trials in supplementing Omega 3 in children with ADHD revealed some surprising results. Over a period of time, fish oil supplements were given to a group of children and a placebo to another set. The children with fish oil supplements showed remarkable improvements in attentiveness and other attributes. Academic results were much better with better scores in reading, spelling, mathematics and other skills. No such improvements were seen in children given the placebo. Thus Omega 3 rich supplements such as fish oil could be a solution to help children with ADHD. Some researchers feel babies who are breast-fed have a lower chance of developing ADHD later because it is rich in Omega 3.

Nov 18

Sugar and Health

For most of the history of humanity man ate a diet of wild game and natural vegetation including some seeds, nuts, and fruit during certain sea-sons. In our era, with the advent of processed foods, mankind’s diet has undergone a radical change. People are eating foods that never existed in nature before, foods which the body was never designed to utilize. The result is that the heavy consumption of refined sugar, and refined flour products too, has led to serious health problems for those who regularly eat them. Today 65% of Americans are overweight, and 27% are clinically obese. Even children are starting to show more and more symptoms of this growing health problem. Diabetes is starting to appear more frequently in the very young. When we look at the diet of the typical American, it is easy to see how this has happened. The average American each year consumes 125 pounds of sugar in the form of 300 cans of soda, 200 sticks of gum, 18 pounds of candy, 50 pounds of cakes and cookies and 20 gallons of ice cream. I want to make clear just how much sugar is found in the sodas people are drinking each day. There are 7 to 8 teaspoons of sugar in some form, in the average soda drink. If you have a soda at lunch, one as a snack in the afternoon, one with your dinner, and one as you watch TV or go out for a final snack later in the night, you have consumed 28 spoonfuls of sugar. Americans are also consuming too many foods which are made from highly refined flour, which act just like sugar in the body, such as pasta, bread and cookies and cakes. In addition to all the many obvious sources of sugar in the typical American diet, sugar is used as an inexpensive additive to improve the taste of many items in which the producers in order to increase profits use cheaper inferior ingredients or use less expensive ingredients. Among these items, you may have guessed, because they taste so sweet, are ketchup, and jams and jellies, which really should have no added sugar and should be made primarily from the fruit. Fruit flavored drinks and fruit flavored yogurts, and especially, sweetened canned fruit have unnecessarily large amounts of sugar in some form in them. But it is also surprising how much sugar, unhealthy sugar, is found in items like peanut butters, bread, soups, pickles, mustard, canned dishes like baked beans, and salad dressings. Even American’s general idea of proper cui-sine contributes to this problem. Making potatoes a staple at almost every meal has been an additional negative health factor. Potatoes, among all other vegetables, are the one of the most likely to affect the body in the same way as refined sugar. A surfeit of carbohydrates in any form will lead to gaining weight and eventual obesity, but it is sugar in all its forms, and refined flour in our diets that do the most harm. They lead to a fast rise in blood sugar, which causes the pancreas to produce a large amount of insulin to lower our blood sugar quickly, because high blood sugar is dangerous to our health. Unfortunately, this strong dose of insulin makes the blood sugar drop below our normal level and makes us feel down in mood. In order to compensate for this psychological effect, we are driven by cravings to seek an immediate repeat of our ingestion of sugar to again raise our blood sugar to make ourselves feel better, and so the cycle continues on and on. This results in our taking in more calories than are necessary to supply energy to the body. The end result is overweight and eventual obesity. The high amounts of insulin also have other deleterious effects.